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 A construction worker speaks into a walkie-talkie while using an iPad as workforce mobility tool  A construction worker speaks into a walkie-talkie while using an iPad as workforce mobility tool

Services Management

Mobile 1’s Field Services Management for Cherwell enables your workforce to reach new levels of productivity through workflow automation, real-time automation and auto-integration with your Cherwell support desk.

Digital Productivity

With our Field Services Management, your mobile workforce can perform faster, enhance customer service capabilities and reduce overall costs with power of paperless productivity. Workforce Mobility for Cherwell gives your organization the competitive edge of The Cloud, enhancing data security without expensive server hardware or operating systems.

Field services management app extends your Service Management systems, like Cherwell, to your mobile iOS and Android tablets. Your technicians and representatives will be capable of instantly accessing, updating, capturing and transmitting data, or caching data when working without network coverage.

You can improve your SLA performance and prevent data breaches by deploying our Field Services Management app to your mobile workforce. Enable your workforce to automate event logging, map client locations, capture client signatures, upload visual proof of work and automatically invoice upon closing their calls.

Cherwell Service Management

We seamlessly integrate with Cherwell’s flexible Service Management backend to streamline your organization’s mobility journey, allowing for direct 24/7 access to vital information, support, patches and security updates from Cherwell without the need for manual development and setup.

For enhanced flexibility and the competitive advantage of complete Enterprise Mobility, you can deploy our insight focused Business Intelligence Dashboard, Mobile Device Management driven by MaaS360, or Location Mapping and Intelligence powered by TomTom.

As a Cherwell Technical Alliance Partner , we are entrusted with maintaining Cherwell’s high standards of service and product excellence.

Download Mobile 1 Field services management app from the App Store Download Mobile 1 Field services management app from the Play Store

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We understand the need for field service organisations to stay competitive and maximise service revenues through full-service Enterprise Mobility solutions. By outfitting your workers with real-time customer service equipment and data, you ensure they arrive at customer sites prepared and able to complete service orders in a single visit.

Enhance Your Customer Service

With Enterprise Mobility your field workforce can maximise your service margins, profitability and revenue on every call. With rich data in the palm of their hands, your field technicians can optimise travel, increase first-time fix rates, recognise up-sell opportunities and communicate in real-time.

Through our custom Enterprise Mobility solutions, you will be able to capture & confirm billable services and parts, upsell opportunities and have shorter billing cycles and enhance your customer service profile with integration into your current service management system.

Enterprise mobility gives your organisation the edge it needs to satisfy customer demands and soaring service level agreements. Enterprise Mobility equips your service technicians to arrive prepared, virtually guaranteeing that you’ll achieve a first time service resolution as well as on-site order closure and confirmations.

Real-Time Data Access and Capture

Enterprise mobility can help bridge the conversational gap between headquarters and remote field service workers. Enterprise Mobility extends leading IT Service Management systems, ERP (SAP B1 and R3) and IT Asset Management systems to handheld devices, tablets and laptops allowing your service techs to access, update, capture and transmit instant data.

Enterprise Mobility activates an easy-to-use workflow and assists in data capture. Your field workers will be empowered to submit real-time updates and schedule changes when needed whether they are online, offline or intermittently connected.

A man stands while making use of a tablet device running Mobile 1’s Enterprise Mobility solution A man stands while making use of a tablet device running Mobile 1’s Enterprise Mobility solution
A surgeon works on a mobile tablet, likely an iPad A surgeon works on a mobile tablet, likely an iPad

IT Asset

Our approach to effective IT Asset Management focuses on limiting losses and costs. By understanding what IT assets you have, where they are, who controls them, and who possesses the devices, the true value of your resources will then be known.

Additionally, this clarifies the improvements necessary to optimise your digital enterprise facilities. At Mobile 1, we implement a three-factor approach when serving our customers:

Asset Recording

Effective workflow control can only be implemented when accessible records are available. Potential revenue loss can be high where your IT assets remain unrecorded, and savings can often be generated through effective control of IT assets already deployed.

More than just another record keeping exercise, knowing the full particulars about your IT assets can reveal fundamental information about your business or enterprise organisational structure.

Asset Recording serves to detail the true replacement value of your assets. Adequate records mean that you can acquire proper insurance coverage for your expensive assets. Should you ever need to make insurance claims, Mobile 1 IT Asset Recording assists with streamlining your claim processes.

Asset Auditing

A periodic audit of assets doesn’t just identify missing items. This process provides time for you to understand the condition of your assets and estimate when replacement should be scheduled.

Through Asset Auditing, you will be able to prevent and reduce unexplained asset loss and shrinkage. For example, a simple barcode labels placed on your assets is known to deter casual theft and protect against further asset loss.

Mobile 1 believes that a comprehensive asset register will allow you to recover assets from an employee when he or she leaves your company without fail, ensuring that you remain in control of your IT assets even when your workforce is mobile, remote or decentralised.

Asset Utilisation

The optimal method of extracting maximum value from your IT investments is through effective asset tracking and deployment.

When you are certain assets can be better employed elsewhere in your organisation, Mobile 1 is able to provide IT registration system which back up your hunches with verifiable data.

By investing in IT Asset Management and utilising an asset register, you can increase enterprise accountability and control, reduce costs by reallocating idle assets, eliminate the high error incidence of handwritten record keeping, prevent missed maintenance schedules, and account for lost or misplaced equipment.

Mobile Device

Mobile 1’s Mobile Device Management solutions provide both end-users and administrators with comprehensive remote control over their smart devices to ensure device, content and usage security.

Our in-depth mobile reporting function enables administrators to extract key data from the devices and provides a mechanism to track and measure project success.

Device Management

Mobile 1 provides remote device management, including the enabling and disabling of WiFi, Bluetooth, camera and user lock screen capabilities as well as kiosk management, full data wipes, GPS or cell tower location services and one click device re-registrations.

Content Usage & Security

Mobile 1’s device security services range from device and SD card data wipes, device data encryption, device SIM and user registration, application version management, app white or blacklisting, and device data backup to the allocation of device usage budgets on mobile and WiFi networks, device time/date/location check in tools and the white or blacklisting of web URLs.

Monitoring & Reporting

Mobile 1 offers solutions which help you track the usage of your workforce’s mobile devices, as well as task reporting services drawn from on-site service and product logs. These solutions include all-actions activity logs per device, reports from automate reporting tools, and custom reports created on request.

Additional services include deployment of user profiles to one or many users, group or single user messaging including survey questionnaire options, device contacts management tools, simple cloud-based user management consoles, and multiple OS support.

Additional Modules

- Mobile call recording module

- Mobile SMS logs module

- Full mobile device expense management module

- File manager module

- Advertising module

- Independent device usage report module

- Unified fixed line and mobile device TMS reporting module

- Full location services module

A person can be seen searching their contacts folder on their smart mobile device A person can be seen searching their contacts folder on their smart mobile device


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